Friendship Is

Friendship is a thousand Unfinished conversations Left off mid-sentence Forgotten until "next time" Picked up again but Then it's too late. Friendship is a thousand Wounds borne in love.

A Secret

It happened on a summer afternoon when he was twelve. Eager to be like the rest, to belong, he was determined to go through with it. And aftwards, nothing. Except the loneliness that comes from getting what you want. A mistake of youth. [The same feelings he would feel years later in a baptism of another kind.] The old preacher had closed his …

Tell Me A Story

Tell me the story of a heart that bleeds, but can never bleed. Tell me the story of a heart that loves, but can never love. And I'll tell you the story of a tender heart, become as stone.   *I was rummaging through an old notebook and came across this poem I had written …

Teach Us to Number Our Days: An Ash Wednesday Sermon

So we have come not to practice our piety before others. Not to impress God or our neighbors. We have come to receive the wisdom of the cross, to be taught the number of our days. The wisdom of the cross that tells us that by nature we live to die, but in Christ we die in order to live. We have come to find our place in the cross-shaped story of Jesus.

To Walk in the Light: An Embodied Witness

There is a beautiful passage near the beginning of one of Augustine’s great works, De Trinitate, in which Augustine writes: “Dear reader, whenever you are as certain about something as I am go forward with me; whenever you hesitate, seek with me; whenever you discover that you have gone wrong come back to me; or if I have gone wrong, call me back to you. In this way we will travel along the street of love together as we make our way toward him of whom it is said, ‘Seek his face always.’”

Belonging: Part I

A friend of mine once said that friendship with God is the heart of the gospel. Strangers and enemies of God, we are made friends in Jesus. Strangers of one another, the baptized become a family adopted of God. I belong. You belong. We belong. We belong to God in Christ.